Research Diets动物饲料A15092201 Formula 模型饲料配方表

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Research Diets动物饲料A15092201 Formula 模型饲料配方表


L-Amino Acid OpenStandard Rodent Diet With 1% Tryptophan

Intended species: Rodent (Rat/Mouse)
Color: Yellow
Irradiated :

Almost all of our diets can be gamma-irradiated.

We usually designate an irradiated diet with an “i” at the end. Double irradiated diets are designated with “ii”.

If you have questions about irradiation, please contact a scientist.



Class description Ingredients Grams
Protein Glutamic Acid, L 38.20 g
Protein Proline, L 17.80 g
Protein Leucine, L 15.80 g
Protein Lysine, L, HCl 13.20 g
Protein Aspartic Acid, L 12.10 g
Protein Tryptophan, L 10.50 g
Protein Serine, L 10.00 g
Protein Valine, L 9.30 g
Protein Tyrosine, L 9.20 g
Protein Phenylalanine, L 8.40 g
Protein Isoleucine, L 7.60 g
Protein Threonine, L 7.20 g
Protein Arginine, L 6.00 g
Protein Alanine, L 5.10 g
Protein Methionine, L 5.10 g
Protein Histidine, L, HCl, H2O 4.60 g
Protein Cystine, L 4.20 g
Protein Glycine 3.00 g
Carbohydrate Starch, Corn 337.70 g
Carbohydrate Dextrose, Monohydrate 250.00 g
Carbohydrate Lodex 10 45.00 g
Carbohydrate Sucrose, Fine Granulated 4.00 g
Fiber Solka Floc, FCC200 75.00 g
Fiber Raftiline HP 25.00 g
Fat Soybean Oil, USP 70.00 g
Mineral S10026B 50.00 g
Mineral Sodium Bicarbonate 7.50 g
Vitamin Choline Bitartrate 2.00 g
Vitamin V10001C 1.00 g
Dye Dye, Yellow FD&C #5, Alum. Lake 35-42% 0.05 g
Total: 1054.55 g