Omega Tissue Direct PCR Kit TQ2310-01 TQ2310-02 TQ2310-00

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Tissue Direct PCR Kit

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The Tissue Direct PCR Kit incorporates a novel buffer system that effectively lyses tissue and neutralizes inhibitors.  Simply take small pieces of tissue (5-10 mg) and incubate with T1 Buffer at room temperature or 56°C for 10 minutes to lyse tissue and release DNA.  After a 3 minute incubation at 95°C, the sample is ready for PCR amplification.

  • Speed – ready for PCR in 15 minutes
  • Convenience – no DNA extractions
  • Reliable – consistent amplification results
Catalog No. Preps Price
TQ2310-00 20 $12.00
TQ2310-01 100 $71.00
TQ2310-02 500 $260.00

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