Polymer Source P13253-3HTOH说明书

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Sample Name:


Hydroxy end fuctionalized Poly(3-hexyl thiophene)

Sample #: P13253-3HTOH

Synthesis Procedure: Purification of polymer:

The crude polymer was recovered from reprecipitation into methanol. The inorganic salts were removed by using a Soxhlet extractor with Methanol.


The molecular weight and polydispersity index (PDI) are obtained by size exclusion chromatography (SEC) in THF or Chloroform. SEC analysis was performed on a Varian liquid chromatograph equipped with refractive and UV light scattering detectors. Three SEC columns from Supelco (G6000-4000-2000 HXL) were used with triple detectors from Viscotek Co. The molecular weight is calculated based on polystyrene standards. The NMR spectrum was recorded in deuterated chloroform to determine the functionality and the composition of copolymer.


OH end terminated Poly(3-hexyl thiophene) is soluble in THF, Toluene and CHCl3. It precipitates from methanol and acetone.


货号 品名 规格 生产厂家
P13253-3HTOH-1g Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl), α-hydroxy-terminated 1G polymer source

P13253-3HTOH-1g 现货供应