DLD 新产品EA611/96 说明书

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DLD develops, markets and provides scientific service for high quality innovative tests for in-vitro-diagnosis.
The products range includes so-called „niche tests” for autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer diseases and renal dysfunction.
DLD is the coordinating point between research and routine lab.


Calretinin – ELISA




Microtiter plate (12 x 8 determinations, single break apart wells; coated with polyclonal calretinin antibodies


Sample volume: 15 碌l patient serum or plasma

1. Sample Preparation: 60 min shaking at room temperature

2. ELISA: 5 hours incubation at room temperature

Measurement in ELISA reader at 450 nm (620 nm reference wavelength)

6 Standards with range: 0.25 ng/ml – 4.0 ng/ml

2 Kit controls, lyophilized

Wash buffer 50 x concentrated

All other reagents ready for use

Clinical Fields

Oncology, cancer screening, occupational diseases




0.05 ng/ml


Sandwich ELISA with microtiter plate formate

Highly specific and sensitive rabbit anti-calretinin antibody

Good linearity between 0.25 – 4.0 ng/ml

Easy to handle, total assay time is 6 hours

Suitable for testing large series of serum or plasma samples

Validated in larger case-control studies

Involved in prospective studies



货号 品名 规格 目录价 品牌
EA110/96 ACHRAB  Assay ELISA 12×8 11975  dld-diagnostika
EA611/96 Calretinin ELISA 12×8 9879  dld-diagnostika
EA112/96 21-Hydroxylase Antibody ELISA 12×8 11975  dld-diagnostika
EA300/96 25-OH Vitamin D ELISA 12×8 5888  dld-diagnostika
EA601/48 Titin Antibody ELISA 6×8 4191  dld-diagnostika
EA111/96 Aquaporin-4 (AQP4) Antibody ELISA 12×8 13871  dld-diagnostika
EA201/96 ADMA ELISA 12×8 9879  dld-diagnostika
EA212/96 ADMA Fast ELISA 12×8 9879  dld-diagnostika
EA209/96 ADMA High Sensitive ELISA 12×8 11975  dld-diagnostika
EA207/192 ADMA Arginine ELISA 24×8 13871  dld-diagnostika
EA205/96 Homoarginine ELISA 12×8 13871  dld-diagnostika
EA203/96 SDMA-ELISA 12×8 9879  dld-diagnostika
EA101/96 TSH Receptor Antibody ELISA 12×8 4590  dld-diagnostika
EA104/96 GAD65 Antibody ELISA 12×8 6985  dld-diagnostika
EA114/96 IA2 Antibody ELISA 12×8 6985  dld-diagnostika
EA102/96 Zinc Transporter 8 (ZnT8) Antibody ELISA 12×8 9879  dld-diagnostika
EA602/96 Serotonin ELISA 12×8 3992  dld-diagnostika
EA630/96 Serotonin High Sensitive ELISA 12×8 4191  dld-diagnostika
EA614/192 Nor-/ Metanephrine in Urine ELISA 2×96 4890  dld-diagnostika
EA612/192 Nor-/ Metanephrine in Plasma ELISA 2×96 5089  dld-diagnostika
EA604/96 Adrenaline ELISA 12×8 4590  dld-diagnostika
EA610/96 Noradrenaline ELISA 12×8 4590  dld-diagnostika
EA608/96 Dopamine ELISA 12×8 4590  dld-diagnostika
EA631/192 Noradrenaline/ Dopamine High Sensitive ELISA 2×96 9879  dld-diagnostika
EA632/96 Adrenaline High Sensitive ELISA 12×8 7883  dld-diagnostika
EA633/96 Noradrenaline High Sensitive ELISA 12×8 7883  dld-diagnostika
EA634/96 Dopamine High Sensitive ELISA 12×8 7883  dld-diagnostika
EA613/192 BI-CATâ ELISA (Adrenaline, Noradrenaline)in Urine & Plasma 2×96 5688  dld-diagnostika
EA603/288 CAT ELISA (Adrenaline, Noradrenaline,Dopamine) in Urine & Plasma 3×96 6586  dld-diagnostika
EA213/96 Histamine ELISA 12×8 3892  dld-diagnostika
EA208/96 1-Methylhistamine ELISA 12×8 4690  dld-diagnostika