Pichiapink(strain 1-wildtype)载体说明书


Pichiapink(strain 1-wildtype)

型号 载体名称 出品公司 载体用途
VBI0309 Pichiapink(strain 1-wildtype) Invitrogen 配套毕赤酵母

The PichiaPink™ Secretion Signal Kit, included in the PichiaPink™ Secretion 

Optimization Kit, is also available separay from Invitrogen (Cat. no. A11155). 

The PichiaPink™ Secretion Signal Kit consists of eight secretion signal sequences 

supplied as phosphorylated duplexes in 40 pmol lyophilized aliquots. The 

secretion signals and their sources are listed below. Upon receipt, store the 

secretion signal duplexes at –20°C.