Peptides International产品介绍

Peptides International产品介绍

简要描述:Peptides International为世界各大学、研究机构和制药/生物科技公司的研究生产销售生物化学产品



Peptides International为世界各大学、研究机构和制药/生物科技公司的研究生产销售生物化学产品包括:氨基酸、生物活性多肽、碳水化合物和偶联物、组合化学&辅助试剂、酶抑制剂、酶底物、多肽抗血清、试剂、树脂、肽库、dPEGTM树脂&试剂。

Peptides International manufactures and distributes a wide variety of high purity,

biologically active peptides and peptide-related products that are used in major research institutions throughout the world.

We are passionate about purity and demand excellence throughout our ever-growing line of products and services.

We invite you to explore our website and allow us to help you in meeting all of your peptide-related needs.