Wako和光纯药预制胶SuperSepTM Phos-tagTM (50μmol/l), 12.5%, 13well

FUJIFILM Wako 富士胶片和光纯药株式会社

预制胶SuperSepTM Phos-tagTM (50μmol/l), 12.5%, 13well

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  • FUJIFILM Wako 预制胶SuperSepTM Phos-tagTM (50μmol/l), 12.5%, 13well
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    6 months

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    SuperSepTM Phos-tagTM (50μmol/l), 12.5%, 13well

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  • This is a precast gel added with Phos-tag™ Acrylamide in advance. It can be used immediately after opening the package. It contains zinc as a supplemental metal. It has excellent storage stability by its neutral gel buffer. Sharp bands can be obtained.


    1. Phosphorylated- and non-phonphorylated proteins are efficiently separable with sharp bands.
    2. Long term stability (stable for 6 months)

    Physical Properties:

    • Plate size: 100 x 100 x 3 (mm)
    • Gel size: 90 x 85 x 1 (mm)
    • Well number: 13
    • Well volume: 30 μL


    • Please note that prestain marker does not reflect the molecular weight, when a gel containing Phos-tag™ is use. It can only be used as reference of electrophoresis. Please use the result as an index of transcription efficiency at Western blotting. At Western blotting, Zn2+ must be sufficiently removed with transfer buffer containing 10 mM EDTA. Please wash out the gel for 10 minutes x 3 times. Subsequently, perform the same procedure for 10 minutes using transfer buffer without EDTA, then transfer the gel. 

    预制胶SuperSepTM Phos-tagTM (50μmol/l), 12.5%, 13well
    预制胶SuperSepTM Phos-tagTM (50μmol/l), 12.5%, 13well



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