HTL Discovery单道连续可调精密移液器

HTL Discovery单道连续可调精密移液器

产品名称:HTL Discovery单道连续可调精密移液器

HTL Discovery单道连续可调精密移液器 4302 0.5-10ul 现货 询价 HTL
4303 2-20ul 现货 询价 HTL
4307 5-50ul 现货 询价 HTL
4304 10-100ul 现货 询价 HTL
4305 20-200ul 现货 询价 HTL
4300 50-250ul 现货 询价 HTL
4306 100-1000ul 现货 询价 HTL
4308 1-5ml 现货 询价 HTL
4309 1-10ml 现货 询价 HTL

HTL Discovery单道连续可调精密移液器

波兰High Tech Lab公司生产高质量实验及临床仪器、耗材产品。该公司由两部分组成:位于Warsaw的PZ HTL S.A.生产精密测量产品;位于Ozorkow的HTL-STREFA Sp.zo.o.生产实验室耗材及外科刀具。HTL产品通过了ISO9001质量体系认证,其中HTLStrefa Sp.zo.o.生产的医学产品符合欧Directive93/42/EEC标准、并携带有CE标志,为美国食品与药物管理局(FDA)注册产品。


PZ HTL S.A. is one of the world’s major manufacturers of liquid handling equipment. Over 27 years of experience in design and production of manual dosing systems, together with our strong focus on customer satisfaction allowed us to gain the reputation of a reliable supplier of user friendly laboratory tools. We are eager to continue contributing to dynamic development of Life Science, Drug and Healthcare by providing laboratory professionals with innovative, safe and affordable liquid handling tools and accessories.

Pawel Janukanis, President of the board


PZ HTL S.A. is devoted for the manufacturing high quality products for the laboratory industries.

With technology of production consequently updated HTL brings together know-how and the requirements of both international and domestic market. Over 27 years of experience and strong focus on customer satisfaction allowed us to create the best value tools available on the market.