Hampton 蛋白结晶优化试剂 Optimization Screens

Hampton 蛋白结晶优化试剂 Optimization Screens

1、Solubility & Stability Screen  蛋白特异性试剂优化溶解性和稳定性
Protein specific agents for optimization of solubility & stability  
2、Solubility & Stability Screen 2   离子缓冲液
Buffer, pH & ionic strength screen for optimization of solubility & stability
3、Slice pH    PH缓冲液
pH & buffer screen for optimization of crystals or sample solubility & stability
4、Additive Screen  96孔板添加剂试剂盒
96 compound screen for optimization of crystal size & quality
5、Silver Bullets • Silver Bullets Bio
Small molecule additive screen for optimization of crystal size & quality
6、Detergent Screen
Detergent screen for optimization of crystals or sample solubility & stability
7、Ionic Liquid Screen
Ionic liquid additive screen for optimization of crystal size & quality
8、StockOptions Buffer Kits
Titrated buffer sets for optimization of crystals or sample solubility & stability
9、StockOptions Polymer
n of crystal size & quality
10、StockOptions Salt
Salt reagent kit for optimization of crystal size & qualit
11、Polymer reagent kit for optimizatioy
In situ proteolysis kit protein for crystallization screening & optimization
12、Reductive Alkylation
Reductive alkylation kit for crystallization screening & optimization
13、Silica Hydrogel Kit
pH neutral silica hydrogel matrix crystallization
14、Low Melting Agarose
Agarose gel matrix crystallization
Water soluble cryoprotectant reagent set
16、Heavy Atom Screens
Heavy atom kits for multiple isomorphous replacement
17、I3C Phasing Kit
Produce heavy atom derivative of biological macromolecules for phasing

Hampton蛋白质结晶捞针(结晶环)18 mm Mounted CryoLoop™

Hampton蛋白质结晶捞针(结晶环)18 mm Mounted CryoLoop™



Adjustable loop orientation
Synthetic CryoLoop on adjustable stainless steel MicroTube
MicroTube specially engineered with EasySnap notches
20 micron diameter nylon CryoLoop

Similar to the Mounted CryoLoop™ in design and function, the Adjustable Mounted CryoLoop allows one to manipulate and orient the CryoLoop to multiple, unique positions previously unattainable with typical cryo setups. The Adjustable Mounted CryoLoop is a 20 micron diameter synthetic loop mounted inside a malleable stainless steel sleeve, which in turn, is mounted inside the EasySnap MicroTube™.
Using a specially designed L-shaped tool (HR5-902) with a positioning notch, one can manipulate the angle and orientation of the CryoLoop by bending and adjusting the angle of the malleable stainless steel insert which holds the CryoLoop. The Adjustable Mounted CryoLoop may be positioned several times. Note: Repeated manipulation will fatigue the sleeve which can lead to failure of the sleeve. The Adjustable Mounted CryoLoop is designed to work with the CrystalCap System components.
The MicroTube is 24 mm in length and is specially engineered with EasySnap™ notches at the 10, 12, 14, 18, and 21 mm measures. To obtain the desired length of MicroTube, simply snap the MicroTube at the desired length and stake it to the CrystalCap™ Magnetic or CrystalCap™ Copper Magnetic. These nylon loops show minimal diffraction, are thin for fast freezing, strong, and aerodynamic.
Most data collection geometries prefer or require a 22 mm length between the base of the cap and the beam. For a 22 mm overall length using the CrystalCap, CrystalCap ALS, CrystalCap ALS HT and CrystalCap SPINE HT, snap the MicroTube at the second notch from the bottom, creating an 18 mm MicrozTube lenghth and secure to the CrystalCap using epoxy or similar adhesive. For a 22 mm over length using the CrystalCap Copper, CrystalCap Copper HT, CrystalCap ALS Copper HT snap the MicroTube at the fifth notch from the bottom (notch closest to the CryoLoop) and secure to the CrystalCap using epoxy or similar adhesive.
The HR5-902 Tool for Adjustable Mounted CryoLoop is not included with the Adjustable Mounted CryoLoop and must be purchased as a separated item.
18 mm Mounted CryoLoop™ - 20 micron
18 mm Mounted CryoLoop
18 mm Mounted CryoLoop™ - 20 micron
18 mm Mounted CryoLoop properly installed in a CrystalCap Magnetic
18 mm Mounted CryoLoop™ - 20 micron
Crystal in CryoLoop

HR4-932 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron 0.025 – 0.05 mm – 25 pack
HR4-945 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron 0.05 – 0.1 mm – 25 pack
HR4-947 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron 0.1 – 0.2 mm – 25 pack
HR4-970 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron 0.2 – 0.3 mm – 25 pack
HR4-971 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron 0.3 – 0.4 mm – 25 pack
HR4-972 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron 0.4 – 0.5 mm – 25 pack
HR4-973 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron 0.5 – 0.7 mm – 25 pack
HR4-974 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron 0.7 – 1.0 mm – 25 pack
HR4-918 18 mm Mounted CryoLoop – 20 micron Sampler – 30 pack (5 of each diameter size 0.1 – 1.0 mm)

Hampton Optimize Reagents

Hampton Optimize Reagents
1、Optimize – Polymers
Crystallization grade polymers for formulating screens or optimization
2、Optimize – Organics (Volatile)
Crystallization grade organics (volatile) for formulating screens or optimization
3、Optimize – Organics (Non-Volatile)
Crystallization grade organics (non-volatile) for formulating screens or optimization
4、Optimize – Salts
Crystallization grade salts for formulating screens or optimization
5、Optimize – Buffers
Crystallization grade buffers for formulating screens or optimization
6、Optimize – Solubilizing Agents (NDSB)
Crystallization grade non detergent sulfobetaines
7、Optimize – Reducing Agent
TCEP Hydrochloride
8、Optimize – Monoolein
LCP – Lipidic Cubic Phase
9、Optimize – Cryoprotectants
For cryoprotection of crystals
10、Optimize – Oils for Crystallization
Microbatch crystallization & oil layering
11、Optimize – Izit Crystal Dye
Izit™ color dye to differentiate protein crystals from salt crystals


1.Screens 晶体删选试剂盒

产品名称 货号 用途备注
Index Kit HR2-144 用于生物大分子结晶
CrystalScreen Kit HR2-110 用于蛋白质,核酸水溶性小分子结晶
Crystal Screen 2 Kit HR2-112
Pegrx 1 HR2-082 用于生物大分子结晶
Pegrx 2 HR2-084 用于生物大分子结晶
Peg/Ion Screen Kit HR2-126 用于生物大分子结晶
Peg/Ion 2 Screen™ HR2-098 用于生物大分子结晶
Saltrx Kit HR2-108 用于生物大分子结晶
Membfac Kit HR2-114 用于膜蛋白和溶解度有限的样品结晶
Crystal Screen Lite HR2-128 用于蛋白质,缩氨酸,核酸的结晶
Natrix Kit HR2-116 用于核酸和蛋白核酸复合物的结晶
Crystal Screen Cyro Kit HR2-122 用于蛋白质,可溶性缩氨酸,核酸和水溶性小分子的初次低温结晶
Nucleic Acid Mini Screen Kit HR2-118 用于核酸片段的结晶
Low Ionic Strength Screen HR2-120 用于完整单抗,单抗片段以及在低离子浓度下溶解度较低的样品结晶
Silver Bullet & Silver Bullet Bio HR2-078 用于生物大分子的初次和二次结晶
Peg/Tacsimate Ph5.8 Crystallization Reagent HR2-090
Peg/Tacsimate Ph 6.8 Crystallization Reagent HR2-092
Peg/Tacsimate Ph 7.8 Crystallization Reagent HR2-094
Additive Screen™ HR2-428 利用样品间和样品溶剂间相互作用来优化晶体生长和改变样品溶解度
产品名称 货号 用途备注
Detergent Screen 1 HR2-410 改善疏水作用引起的非特异性聚集
Detergent Screen 2 HR2-411
Detergent Screen 3 HR2-412
Detergent Screen HR2-408
Heavy Atom Screen Pt HR2-442 Heavy Atoms For Multiple Isomorphous Replacement
Heavy Atom Screen Au HR2-444
Heavy Atom Screen Hg HR2-446
Heavy Atom Screen M1 HR2-448
Heavy Atom Screen M2 HR2-450
I3c Phasing Kit HR3-133

2.Custom Shop Crystallization Reagents 结晶试剂盒中单独的试剂

  1. Optimize™ Reagents晶体生长条件优化试剂

⑴ Optimize™ – Polymers聚合体
⑵ Optimize™- Organics (Volatile) 挥发性有机物
⑶ Optimize™- Organics (Non-Volatile)非挥发性的有机物
⑷ Optimize™- Salts 盐类
⑸ Optimize™- Buffers缓冲液
⑹ Optimize™- Solubilizing Agents (NDSB) 溶解试剂NDSB
⑺ Optimize™ – Reducing Agent还原剂-TCEP氢氯化物
⑻ Optimize™ – Cryoprotectants
⑼ Optimize™ – Oils用于结晶的油类
⑽ Optimize™ – Silica Hydrogel硅胶
⑾ Optimize™ – LM Agarose低熔点琼脂糖
5.Crystallization Plates, Hardware & Accessories结晶耗材
⑴ 24 Well Crystallization Plates 24孔晶体板-分悬滴和坐滴两种
⑵ 48 Well Crystallization Plates 48孔晶体板
⑶ 72 Well Crystallization Plates72孔晶体板
⑷ 96 Well Crystallization Plates 96孔晶体板等

Hampton 0.1毫米50号玻璃毛细管

Hampton 0.1毫米50号玻璃毛细管

包装:25 pack

  • 英文名:0.1 mm Glass Number 50 Capillary
  • 品牌:Hampton
Hampton 0.1毫米50号玻璃毛细管


硼硅玻璃50号毛细管壁厚0.01毫米,全长80毫米+ / – 5毫米。提供外径从0.1毫米到2毫米的毛细管,用于X射线数据收集,晶体密度测量和晶体生长实验。毛细管可以用蜡,环氧树脂等密封材料封闭,防止水分和气体。

壁厚 10微米
0.1mm至2.0mm毛细管开口端的基础尺寸为:3.0+/-0.15mm外径 x 0.13+/-0.10 mm壁厚,直径为在毛细管封闭端40毫米处的测量值。





Size: 0.1 mm – 25 pack

0.1 mm -0.075 / +0.075 mm


Size: 0.2 mm – 25 pack

0.2 mm -0.050 / +0.050 mm


Size: 0.3 mm – 25 pack

0.3 mm -0.050 / +0.100 mm


Size: 0.4 mm – 25 pack

0.4 mm -0.100 / +0.100 mm


Size: 0.5 mm – 25 pack

0.5 mm -0.100 / +0.100 mm


Size: 0.6 mm – 25 pack

0.6 mm -0.100 / +0.100 mm


Size: 0.7 mm – 25 pack

0.7 mm -0.150 / +0.150 mm


Size: 0.8 mm – 25 pack

0.8 mm -0.150 / +0.150 mm


Size: 0.9 mm – 25 pack

0.9 mm -0.150 / +0.150 mm


Size: 1.0 mm – 25 pack

1.0 mm -0.150 / +0.250 mm


Size: 1.5 mm – 25 pack

1.5 mm -0.250 / +0.250 mm


Size: 2.0 mm – 25 pack

2.0 mm -0.250 / +0.250 mm

Hampton 水晶透明密封带Crystal Clear Sealing Tape

Hampton 水晶透明密封带Crystal Clear Sealing Tape
Crystal Clear Sealing Tape
3 inch, 1.88 inch, 1.88 inch with dispenser, 0.75 inch with dispenser (left to right)
Crystal Clear Sealing Tape
0.75 inch Crystal Clear Sealing Tape
Applications  应用
Sealing tape used to seal sitting drop crystallization experiments
These optically clear tapes are compatible with protein crystallization reagents. The polypropylene Crystal Clear Sealing Tapes use acrylic solvent based adhesives which are compatible with aqueous crystallization reagents.
Catalog number HR3-511 is a 1.88 inch (48 mm) wide, 3 mil tape on a 43.7 yard (40 M) roll with a 1.5 inch core and is supplied with a green dispenser / cutter.Catalog number HR4-511 is a 1.88 inch wide, 3 mil tape on a 60 yard roll with a 3 inch core and no dispenser / cutter.Two strips of the HR3-511 or HR4-511 will seal a Corning, Cryschem, CrystalClear Strip, Greiner, Intelliplate, Linbro, Swissci (MRC), VDX and VDXm plate.Catalog number HR4-506 is a 3 inch wide, 3 mil tape on a 54.86 yard roll with a 3 inch core and no dispenser / cutter.One strip of the HR4-506 will seal a Corning, Cryschem M, CrystalClear Strip, Greiner, Intelliplate, Swissci (MRC) and VDXm plate.Crystal Clear Mini Sealing Tape HR4-508 is a 0.75 inch (19 mm) wide, 3 mil tape on a 650 inch (16.5 M) roll and is supplied with a clear dispenser / cutter. The tape is useful for resealing or patching wells after mounting crystals. The tape is also wide enough to seal a single row of a Cryschem S or Cryschem M plate.See chart for tape and plate compatibility.

Hampton结晶用缓冲盐试剂盒– SaltRx

Hampton结晶用缓冲盐试剂盒– SaltRx
SaltRx 1 • SaltRx 2 • SaltRx HT

Primary or secondary, salt and pH matrix crystallization screen for biological macromolecules

Salt versus pH matrix crystallization screen
Samples pH 4 to 9
22 unique salts versus salt concentration and pH
Compatible with microbatch, vapor diffusion, liquid & gel diffusion methods
Tube or Deep Well block format
Preformulated, ready to screen
Developed at Hampton Research
All salts and buffers in screen readily available as Optimize™ reagents for reproducing and optimizing crystals
Individual reagents available through the Hampton Research Custom Shop
SaltRx was developed by Hampton Research as a primary and secondary, salt and pH based crystallization screen for biological macromolecules. Salt is the only primary crystallization reagent (precipitant) utilized. Based on a design of 96 conditions, the screen evaluates a broad portfolio of crystallization salts of varying concentration and pH. The selection, concentration, and pH of the salts were determined by data mining the BMCD1 and other crystallization databases, crystallization reports in the literature, and internal crystallization trials performed at Hampton Research. Based on this analysis, up to 35% of protein crystallizations involve salt as the primary crystallization reagent. SaltRx can be used as a primary crystallization screen when salt, ionic strength and pH are desired or suspected as appropriate crystallization variables. It is also useful as a secondary screen when salt only reagents/conditions from screens such as Index™, Crystal Screen™, and Grid Screen™ produce crystals and when further screening for additional salt conditions or optimization is desired. Since this screen does not contain volatile organics, it is compatible with microbatch, vapor diffusion, liquid and gel diffusion crystallization methods. SaltRx may also be used for dialysis crystallization in conjunction with Dialysis Buttons™.The original SaltRx kit (HR2-108) contained 96 unique reagents, 10 ml each. This kit has been discontinued and converted into two 48 reagent based kits, SaltRx 1 and SaltRx 2, available separately, which when used together are identical to the original SaltRx.SaltRx 1 contains 48 unique reagents, 10 ml each. SaltRx 1 contains reagents 1-48 of the original SaltRx 96 reagent kit.Salt Rx 2 contains 48 unique reagents, 10 ml each. SaltRx 2 contains reagent 49-96 of the original SaltRx 96 reagent kit.SaltRx HT contains the 96 SaltRx 1 and SaltRx 2 reagents in a single Deep Well block format.Ready-to-use reagents are sterile filtered and formulated with ultra-pure Type 1 water, using the highest purity salts, polymers, organics and buffers. Individual reagents are available through the Hampton Research Custom Shop.
Measured pH range of kit is 4.1 to 9.0 at 25°C
Average measured pH of kit is 6.9 at 25°C
Median measured pH of kit is 7.3 at 25°C
Mode measured pH of kit is 7.4 at 25°C
HR2-136 SaltRx HT 1 ml, Deep Well block format
HR2-107 SaltRx 1 10 ml, tube format
HR2-109 SaltRx 2 10 ml, tube format


CryoTong™ – Long
ApplicationsCrystal transfer under cryo temperature
FeaturesArtery clamp style closure30 seconds of cryo temperature180 mm length
The CryoTong is a tool used to manually transfer a crystal mounted on a CrystalCap™ from liquid nitrogen to a magnetic base in a goniometer head positioned in a cryogenic stream, and then back to liquid nitrogen. The one-piece, compact CryoTong is available in two lengths. The long CryoTong is approximately 180 mm in overall length. The artery clamp style maintains the CryoTong in the closed position until the clamp is squeezed, which opens the opposing heads. The heads are non-magnetic stainless steel. The handle is magnetic stainless steel. The inside of the head is machined to closely surround the CrystalCap with loop and crystal in place. A small retaining lip is machined into the lower portion of the head to prevent the CrystalCap from slipping out of the CryoTong when the tool is in the closed position. The CryoTong can maintain the temperature of the crystal at -160°C for up to 30 seconds during room temperature crystal transfers. Choose the proper CryoTong size based upon the pin length required by the configuration of the x-ray data collection hardware used. The 18 mm CryoTong (HR5-112) is to be used with the CrystalCap HT and any other CrystalCap configured for 18 mm.HR5-114 Long CryoTong 18 mm, 180° features the head in alignment with the handle of the CryoTong.






Vial Clamp™ – Straight
ApplicationsVial support and manipulation
FeaturesStraight end tipHemostat style closureDescription
The Vial Clamp™ – Straight is a chrome plated, hemostat style tool. It has a tip shaped to hold the storage vial of all the CrystalCap Systems™ straight when the clamp is closed. The clamp can be locked using the hemostat style closure. This clamp makes it easy to dip the storage vial into liquid nitrogen for crystal storage. The complete length of the clamp is straight, with an overall length of 195 mm. When the vial is placed in the clamp, the length of it is positioned perpendicular, 90° to the length of the clamp.
CrystalWand™ Magnetic
ApplicationsCrystalCap Magnetic & CrystalCap Copper Magnetic handling toolDescription
The CrystalWand Magnetic is designed to be used exclusively with the CrystalCap Magnetic, CrystalCap Copper Magnetic, and CrystalCap HT systems during transfer of the caps from the vial to the goniometer head and from the goniometer to the vial. The 6 1/2” (165 mm) long chrome plated steel wand features a plastic housing enclosing a spring tensioned plunger that when depressed, moves a non-magnetic steel platform away from the magnet housed in the end of the wand. This causes the steel CrystalCap to detach from the wand and be placed readily into the vial or the CryoTong™. When the platform is retracted, the wand securely holds the steel CrystalCap Magnetic. The CrystalWand Magnetic 45° (McMiken Tool) offers the same functionality but is bent at a 45° angle at approximately 2.5 cm from the magnet end.HR4-729 CrystalWand Magnetic, StraightHR4-315 CrystalWand Magnetic, 45° (McMiken Tool)


Vial Clamp™ – Curved
ApplicationsVial support & manipulation
FeaturesCurved end tipHemostat style closureDescription
The Vial Clamp – Curved is a chrome plated, hemostat style tool. It has a tip shaped to hold the storage vial of all the CrystalCap Systems at an angle when the clamp is closed. The clamp can be locked using the hemostat style closure. The end of the clamp, where the vial is held, is curved at either a 45°/135° or 110°/ 70° angle. When the vial is placed in the clamp, the length of it is positioned to the clamp at either of those same angles. The overall length of each clamp is the same, 195 mm.HR4-671 Vial Clamp – Curved 45°/135°HR4-672 Vial Clamp – Curved 110°/70°

CrystalCap™ Holder
pplicationsCrystalCap support inside stainless steel dewars
FeaturesAdjustable heightSupports up to 8 CrystalCaps15 ml vial position for liquid propane500 and 1,000 ml versionsDescription
CrystalCap Holders are convenient stands for holding all CrystalCap™ systems in liquid nitrogen dewars during crystal cryogenic procedures. Available in two sizes. Both holders feature spring-clips to secure the CrystalCap Vials in the holder. Both stands have 3 inches of adjustable Z (height) which allows one to raise or lower the CrystalCaps to the appropriate height, depending upon the liquid nitrogen level in the dewar. Each holder is supplied with a socket driver for height adjustment.500 ml version holds five CrystalCaps, two 15 ml vials (for liquid propane procedures) and fits into the 500 ml dewar. 1,000 ml version holds eight CrystalCaps, two 15 ml vials (for liquid propane procedures) and fits into the 1,000 ml dewar.HR4-707 CrystalCap Holder – 500 ml
HR4-706  Replacement Height Adjustment Tool


Hampton Natrix • Natrix 2 • Natrix HT

Hampton Natrix • Natrix 2 • Natrix HT

  Primary biased sparse matrix crystallization screen for nucleic acids & protein/nucleic acid complexes  主要用于核酸和蛋白质/核酸复合物的删选

Nucleic acid sparse matrix screen
Sparse matrix formulation efficiently samples salts, polyols, polymers, organics, additives & pH
pH range 5.6 – 8.5
Tube or Deep Well block format
Natrix, Natrix 2 and Natrix HT are based upon published reagent formulations for the crystallization of nucleic acids and protein-nucleic acid complexes. A variety of hammerhead ribozymes and other ribozymes, RNAs, DNAs, RNA-drug complexes, and RNA-protein complexes have been crystallized using the Natrix protocols.By using sparse matrix sampling technology, The Natrix kits allow one to quickly test wide ranges of pH, salts, and precipitants using a very small sample of nucleic acid.
Natrix screens are unique in that rather than relying solely on the traditional nucleic acid precipitant MPD, Natrix screens also utilize Polyethylene glycols (PEGs) in a variety of molecular weights (200, 400, 4,000, 8,000) as well as 2-Propanol, Polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether (PEG MME), and 1,6-Hexanediol. Many of the polymeric and low molecular weight organic precipitants are combined with various monovalent salts as precipitating agents. This combination of salts and low molecular weight organics and polyalcohols, as well as the utilization of varying chain length PEGs, has proven to be a successful combination for producing nucleic acid and protein-nucleic acid complex crystals.
Natrix contains 48 unique reagents, 10 ml each and is based on the sparse matrix formulation first described by William Scott in 1995.
Natrix 2, an extension of Natrix, contains 48 unique reagents, 10 ml each. Natrix 2 is a biased sparse matrix screen based on extracting patterns from crystallization data as well as reagent formulations first described by Berger et al in 1996.
Natrix HT contains 1 ml of each reagent from Natrix and Natrix 2 in a single Deep Well block format.
Ready-to-use reagents are sterile filtered and formulated with ultra-pure Type 1 water, using the highest purity salts, polymers, organics and buffers. Individual reagents are available through the Hampton Research Custom Shop.
Natrix • Natrix 2 • Natrix HT
Natrix • Natrix 2 • Natrix HT
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Natrix • Natrix 2 • Natrix HT


HR2-116 Natrix 10 ml, tube format
HR2-117 Natrix 2 10 ml, tube format
HR2-131 Natrix HT 1 ml, Deep Well block format



产品编号 中文品名 英文品名
HR4-126 11 刀片替换装 Replacement #11 Blade
HR4-904 CrystalCap Magnetic Vial CrystalCap™, Vial only
HR4-729 CrystalWand Magnetic, Straight CrystalWand™ Magnetic, Straigh
HR4-837 Micro-Tools II Set Micro-Tools II™ Set
HR4-811 Micro-Tools Set Micro-Tools™ Set
HR3-172 VDX 24孔板,带密封剂 VDX™ Plate, with sealant
HR4-902 带磁力底座 CrystalCap™, without Vial
HR4-733 带磁力底座 CrystalCap™, with Vial
HR4-745 带铜管磁力底座 CrystalCap™ Copper 18 mm, with
HR4-708 冻存套 CryoSleeve™
HR3-217 硅化方形盖玻片22mmx0.22mm 22 mm x 0.22 mm Siliconized Sq
HR4-671 夹钳-弯 Vial Clamp™ – Curved, 45°/135°
HR4-670 夹钳-直 Vial Clamp™ – Straight
HR4-316 Super Glue
HR4-506 胶带 3 inch wide x 55 yard Crystal
HR3-083 结晶板 2孔 MRC 2 Well Crystallization Pla
HR3-125 结晶板 3孔 3 Well Crystallization Plate (
HR4-217 晶体探针 Crystal Probe
HR4-662 泡沫保温瓶 Spearlab Cryogenic Foam Dewar
HR4-673 泡沫保温瓶 Spearlab Cryogenic Foam Dewar
HR4-674 泡沫保温瓶 Spearlab Cryogenic Foam Dewar
HR4-675 泡沫保温瓶 Spearlab Cryogenic Foam Dewar
HR1-008 液氮罐 CX100 (含运输箱) CX100 Cryo-Express Dry Shipper
HR2-912-37   Crystal Screen 2™ #37
HR2-501   50% v/v Jeffamine® M-600® pH 7
HR2-509   1.0 M BICINE
HR2-517   100% Polyethylene glycol 300
HR2-523   50% w/v Polyethylene glycol 1,
HR2-525   50% w/v Polyethylene glycol 1,
HR2-529   50% w/v Polyethylene glycol 4,
HR2-533   50% w/v Polyethylene glycol 6,
HR2-537   1.0 M Magnesium formate dihydr
HR2-541   3.5 M Ammonium sulfate
HR2-545   2.0 M Lithium sulfate monohydr
HR2-547   7.0 M Sodium formate
HR2-549   1.6 M Sodium citrate tribasic
HR2-551   4.0 M Sodium phosphate monobas
HR2-557   2.0 M Calcium chloride dihydra
HR2-563   1.0 M Zinc acetate dihydrate
HR2-102   StockOptions™ Hepes
HR2-103   StockOptions™ Bis-Tris Propane
HR2-104   StockOptions™ Citric Acid
HR2-106   StockOptions™ Bis-Tris
HR2-107   SaltRx™ 1
HR2-109   SaltRx™ 2
HR2-110   Crystal Screen™
HR2-112   Crystal Screen 2™
HR2-114   MembFac™
HR2-116   Natrix™
HR2-117   Natrix™ 2
HR2-118   Nucleic Acid Mini Screen™
HR2-126   PEG/Ion Screen™
HR2-235   StockOptions™ Sodium Citrate
HR2-237   StockOptions™ Tris Hydrochlori
HR2-239   StockOptions™ Sodium Cacodylat
HR2-241   StockOptions™ pH
HR2-245   StockOptions™ Salt
HR2-249   StockOptions™ Succinic Acid
HR2-320   Seed Bead™
HR2-406   Detergent Screen HT™
HR2-428   Additive Screen™
HR2-434   Reductive Alylation Kit
HR2-442   Heavy Atom Screen™ Pt
HR2-444   Heavy Atom Screen™ Au
HR2-446   Heavy Atom Screen™ Hg
HR2-448   Heavy Atom Screen M1™
HR2-450   Heavy Atom Screen M2™
HR2-082   PEGRx™ 1
HR2-084   PEGRx™ 2
HR2-096   Silver Bullets™
HR2-098   PEG/Ion 2 Screen™
HR4-315   CrystalWand™ Magnetic, 45° McM
HR4-350   Large Applicator (200 & 350 µl
HR4-625   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-637   CryoTong™ 18 mm (standard 110
HR4-709   CryoCane™ 5 Vial Holder
HR4-711   CryoCane™ 6 Vial Holder
HR2-211   Grid Screen™ Ammonium Sulfate
HR2-213   Grid Screen™ PEG 6000
HR2-227   StockOptions™ Polymer
HR2-233   StockOptions™ Sodium Acetate
HR4-931   CryoLoop™ – 20 micron, 0.2 – 0
HR4-945   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-947   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-953   Mounted CryoLoop™ Sampler – 20
HR4-955   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-957   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-959   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-961   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-963   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-970   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-971   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR4-989   CryoLoop™ – 10 micron, 0.3 – 0
HR2-128   Crystal Screen Lite™
HR2-138   Additive Screen HT™
HR2-140   PCT™ – Pre-Crystallization T
HR4-313   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 20 micron,
HR2-601   100% Polyethylene glycol 200
HR2-607   50% w/v Polyethylene glycol 10
HR2-609   30% w/v Polyethylene glycol 20
HR2-611   100% Polyethylene glycol monom
HR2-613   50% w/v Polyethylene glycol mo
HR2-615   50% w/v Polyethylene glycol mo
HR2-625   6.0 M 1,6-Hexanediol
HR2-637   5.0 M Sodium chloride
HR2-723   1.0 M BICINE pH 9.0
HR2-755   100% Tacsimate™ pH 7.0
HR2-761   3.0 M DL-Malic acid pH 7.0
HR2-801   TCEP hydrochloride
HR2-821   2.0 M Magnesium sulfate heptah
HR2-829   100% Tacsimate™ pH 8.0
HR2-857   4.0 M TMAO
HR2-859   100% Polyethylene glycol 600
HR2-910-08   Crystal Screen™ #08
HR2-144   Index™
HR4-993   Mounted CryoLoop™ Sampler – 10
HR4-995   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 10 micron,
HR4-999   Mounted CryoLoop™ – 10 micron,
HR6-146   1.0 mm Quartz Capillary
HR8-034   Cryo Puck Carrier
HR8-035   Porcupine Push Tool
HR8-036   Puck Wand
HR8-037   Cryo Puck Base Removal Platfor
HR8-038   Angled Cryo Puck Tong
HR8-039   Cryo Puck Dewar Loading Tool
HR8-114   CrystalCap HT™, Vial only
HR8-133   Seeding Tool
HR8-173   CrystalCap™ Copper HT, 0.025 –
HR8-174   CrystalCap™ Copper HT, 0.05 –
HR8-175   CrystalCap™ Copper HT, 0.1 – 0
HR8-176   CrystalCap™ Copper HT, 0.2 – 0
HR2-575   1.0 M Sodium cacodylate trihyd
HR2-581   1.0 M Hydrochloric acid